Medical Mysteries: Why Your Teeth Could Be the Cause of Those Non-Stop Headaches

Did you know those chronic headaches could be because of a bad tooth? It’s true. Here’s what dentists want you to know.

A Tooth Abscess

It’s interesting that a tooth abscess can become a headache — often mistaken for a chronic headache or even a migraine. A severe cavity can also cause a headache that never really goes away. Infections, and erosion of the tooth’s enamel will cause pain, sometimes in surprising places.

By the way, if you do have pain, you should go see a 24 hour dentist in Chicago and have it taken care of immediately.

Lingual Nerve

There’s a possibility that what you’re having trouble with is a lingual nerve. The lingual nerve is a nerve in the mouth. It’s a pain nerve which is easily irritated. If there’s an agitation or pressure in or around it, this nerve sends signals to the brain telling it something’s wrong. This is what causes your headache. You need to go see a dentist about it because that’s the only way to get the pain to subside.

Tooth Decay

The toothache could be caused by decay in the tooth. The abscess would give pressure to the tooth surrounding the tissue and nerves. And, if the nerve affected is a trigeminal nerve, then it might be mistaken as a headache.

What You Should Do To Avoid Tooth Problems (And Headaches)

First things first. You need to clean up your diet. This is something that’s simple to understand but difficult for most people to do. For example, sugary foods are to blame for a lot of tooth problems. You should avoid eating them. Sugary foods and drinks are especially problematic.

Even fruits can be a problem because of the amount of sugar in them. That’s why they taste so good, but that sweetness is what feeds the bacteria in your mouth. And, pathogenic bacteria love sugar more than you do. They use it to multiply, create acidic compounds and waste material. And, that acid sits on your teeth and erodes the enamel.

Over time (and it doesn’t take long), your teeth start to rot. Once the enamel is gone, your first line of defense is destroyed. The bacteria then invade your underlying tooth structure, get into the gum pockets, loosen the tooth, and then cause it to fall out or a cavity to form. If you’re lucky, the problem stops there. For many people, the next step is full-blown gum disease, where the bacteria causes bleeding gums, inflammation, and other health problems. Once the bacteria works its way down into your gums, it gets into the bloodstream. And, once there, it ends up floating around the body, settling into an area like the heart or pancreas. The former causes heart disease, while the latter causes diabetes.


Getting rid of your headache is important, because it’s the first sign something else could be coming — something more serious than pain. Most people overlook this simple cause, popping pain relievers. But, if you do this, you may end up with bigger, more serious, health problems.


Carl Bennett works as a dental assistant, a job he has been in for several years. A kind and caring person, Carl enjoys working to calm phobic patients, and is considering going back to school to further his dentistry career.


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