This Saturday www.Neurosurgical.TV is hosting a  free, online webinar for the Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, (ACNS) on the topic of “Skull-Based Surgery, and Vascular Surgery: Case Presentations”.  NO registration is necessary, just show up at www.Neurosurgical.tv and check it out.

Here is the Line-up

8 a.m. CET (Central European Time: Yikes! 3 am EST!)


Iype Cherian MD

“Skull-Based Surgery Case Presentations”

Iype is a noted Neurosurgeon from Nepal, India, and a proponent of the “Cisternostomy”, a alternative method of treated Acute Brain Trauma, and a frequent speaker at global Neurosurgical Conferences.


9 a.m.


Samer Hoz MD

“A Light in the Dark”

Book Review about Vascular Surgery

-Samer is an Iraqui Neurosurgeon, who also is establishing a Neuroanatomy lab in Iraq, so looks like he will be a force in the world of Neurosurgery.

10 pmramnesh

Ramesh Nair MD

“Skull-Based Surgery Case Presentations”

Ramesh, originally from India, now is a skull-based surgeon in London, England.


11 a..mherrera

Roberto Herrera MD

“Case Presentations about Skull Based Surgery”

-Robert is also a well-known Neurosurgeon, who is a frequent attendee and presenter at global Neurosurgical Conferences, from Buenas Aires Argentina.


12 p.mvictor

.  Victor Hugo Perez Perez MD

“Skull Based Anatomy”

Victor is a world renown Neuroanatomist, who hails from Mexico City, Mexico.


3 pm


Mikhail Chernov MD

Book Review about Book, soon to be published, “Contemporary Management of Intracranial Gliomas”

Mikhail is a world-renown neurosurgeon from Russia, who also recently published an authoritative text on Gamma Knife Surgery.


5 pm.


Slaven Gojkovic MS 3

Global Meeting Neurosurgical Students

-Slaven is a budding superstar in the Neurosurgical arena, even though just a student.  He does frequent Neurosurgical presentations for his local Croatian Neurosurgical student group.


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