by John Bennett MD

InternetMedicine.com, with its affilate Internet TV channel, www.Neurosurgical.TV, is producing, in collaboration with the ACNS (Asian Congress of Neurosurgery), an online conference this weekend, on “Emerging Trends in NeuroTrauma”.

Iype Cherian MD, a well-known Neurosurgeon from Nepal, and officer with the ACNS, is directing the conference.  He is attempting to show Neurosurgeons how the platform of Google Hangouts can aid Neurosurgery education.

It will be an innovative experience, because viewers are actually allowed the option of joining ONSCREEN the live Telecast, to ask questions, or make comments.  There will be a link below the screen for viewers to click on to join. (Must use Chrome, and have Hangout Plugin,  to do so)

There are scheduled, Neurosurgeons from Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Africa, Russian, Indian and Pakistan participating.

See this promo video that outlines the speakers


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