Some tips regarding muscle gain

There are hundreds of individuals around the world who are trying to transform their body mass into muscles. The process might be time taking and complex but it is not impossible. It does however require an intake of nutrients and calories in the right amount with proper training regimes. This post explains how to gain muscle by highlighting some of the important points that must be remembered when working towards building the muscles.

  1. Do not spend much time on cardio

Those who are working out to promote muscle building should limit their cardio exercises. This means their workout regimes should be developed by professional trainers and focused around weights and other complex exercises. Since cardio and running on treadmill results in the loss of calories and fat, it is not an ideal option for those who are looking forth to grow bigger muscles. When it comes to jogging it should be restricted to thirty minutes and that too thrice in a week. When working out resting at intervals is necessary as well.

  1. Decrease the reps

When working out it is important to perform no more than twenty sets of exercise for a muscle group. The ideal number of sets is twelve but it should not be stretched from more than twenty times. Also when performing the muscle building exercises the duration should never be more than forty five minutes. The speed during every rep should be controlled especially when using the heavier weights. The duration of each set should be no more than seventy seconds and no less than forty seconds.

  1. Perform stretching exercises

Stretching exercises of any form whether stretching and holding or stretching in and out of position is highly recommended for those who wish to increase their muscles. In order to increase the flexibility of the body the individuals can also make use of a foam roller. Massages focused at increasing flexibility and facilitating the recovery of the muscles will also be very helpful for such individuals.

  1. Regular eating

In order to provide the right amount of nutrition to the body to promote muscle gain it is important to eat up to six small meals in a day. Eating three meals will not work as it will not provide the complete proteins, complex carbs and essential nutritional components that the body will need to grow the muscles and boost metabolism.

  1. Introduce variation in exercising regimes

After every month or so the working out regimes of the individuals who wish to grow their muscles should be altered completely or partially. This change can be based on;

  1. Number of reps performed
  2. Resting time
  3. The types of exercises and other training variables



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