You’re looking for a way to boost your mental capacity, brain functioning, and you want to feel sharper, have better mental clarity, and feel more energy throughout the day. Here’s how busy people and high achievers do it.


No really. Did you know that sleep is one of the best ways to increase your vitality, brain power, mental clarity, and overall brain function? It’s true. By sleeping at least 8 to 9 hours a night, you will improve your brain function by orders of magnitude. Most people don’t get this much sleep every night.

Start by going to bed one hour earlier. Then, work up to a full 8 hours of sleep. To help you slip into a restful state, shut off all electronics 1 hour prior to bed and find something else to do with your time.

Take Nootropics

You can take certain supplements, like caffeine, to help you get going in the morning. But, you shouldn’t rely solely on caffeine as it can have an addictive effect and actually cause energy crashes mid-day.

You can also try top nootropics that help you stay focused, like racetams. Most experts advise taking them every other day, and at a dose that doesn’t exceed 2 grams per serving.

Work Out

Lifting weights, going for a walk, and exercising, helps stimulate your brain. However, most entrepreneurs lead busy lives that are rushed. They don’t have time to work out, but this is exactly what’s needed.

Exercise not only benefits the brain, it can improve memory. In the long-run, it can even protect the brain against degenerative diseases.

Get Some Sun

Getting sunshine and exercise sometimes go hand in hand, but not always. If you exercise indoors, you might be missing out on vital sunshine. Getting too little sunlight isn’t good for your brain, so make sure that you get outside at least once a day, preferably for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Getting sunlight also has the benefit of exposing your skin to UVB rays, which convert cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D and sulphur, which has a very protective effect on the body, along with providing the mechanism for transporting calcium throughout the body.


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