by John Bennett MD

Editor-in-Chief  InternetMedicine.com

On June 25, and 26, there will be ONLINE, the “First ACNS Online Educational Congress on NeuroTrauma“, directed by world renown Neurosurgeon, Iype Cherian MD.   Dr Cherian is known for his pioneering work in the procedure of “Cisternostomy” as an alternative to decompressive craniectomy s/p Trauma.  (See Iype’s interesting story of how he arrived to practice in Nepal HERE.)

It is titled, “Emerging Trends in Neurotrauma”, and will be televised on our affiliate web channel,  Neurosurgical.TV, beginning at 8 a.m. EST on June 25th. The conference will be directed and organized by Dr. Cherian, who is Counselor General of The Asian Congress and Neurological Society, as well as Director for the Educational courses for ACNS.asns

InternetMedicine.com, with its’ affilate internet medical channel,  www.Neurosurgical.TV,  are honored  to allow Dr. Cherian to introduce the platform of Google Hangouts to the Asian Neurosurgical Community, and to explore the use of this technology to not only have regular conferences, but to possibly  remotely mentor isolated neurosurgeons, and to live stream Cadaver dissections of the Brain from Laboratory Centers, like the MARC Institute in Miami.

We are just starting to organize it, but the beauty of this technology of Online Conferences, is that there need be no long lead time. It can be put together, with the use of the internet, in a matter of weeks. And, of course, the presenters can do so from the convenience of their homes.  See a prior conference that took place last month, on “Brain Tumors” HERE, which had 24 presentations over the weekend, with Neurosurgeons from Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Belguim, Russia, Iraq, and South Africa!

Anyone is invited to attend, and if you are a Neurosurgeon  and  wish to present or be on the panel of a presentation, email me at jb@internetmedicine.com.

And all neurosurgical residents of the world are invited to be a panelist if you see a presentation you find interesting.

Medical students, as well, are invited to be on any panel.


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  1. Tomasz Skab says:

    great Neurotrauma Online Conference with DR Iype Cherian.
    The role and application of cisternostomy in traumatic brain injuries.

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