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    Forensics Files, watch out!

    Today, Saturday, April 30, we made another step to overtake shows like Crime.TV, and Forensic Files, by having four quality presentations on the online conference of “Neurotrauma” for

    Neurosurgical.TV.  There were show LIVE, and had interaction amongst the presenters and panelists.

    Here’s the presentations

    1) “Bullets from the Sky“, with Iraqui Neurosurgeon, Ammar Hadi MD


    2) “Neurosurgical Neurotrauma Case Presentations” with Bernardo de Andrada MD, Neurosurgeon from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    3) Ariel Estamiana MD, Neurosurgeon from Buenas Aires, presenting, “Cerebral Contusions and Their Treatment


    4) Kalsi-Ryan PhD, Researcher from University of Toronto, presented recently published paper on Measuring Muscular strength accurately after Spinal Cord Trauma, published in the Feb 2016 issue of “Journal of NeuroTrauma”


    We continue tomorrow, Sunday, May 1, with a few more presentations, including “Anesthesia in Neurotrauma”, with Les Garson MD, of UC Irvine, and “You Look Great”, with the author of this book about recovery from a Neurotrauma injury, John Byler.

    All on www.Neurosurgical.TV!  Starting at 3 pm.



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