7 a.m.

‘Anti-Epileptics in Brain Tumors”


Rich Rasschaert MD

Linked In

Ric a  is Spine Surgeon, practicing in the Antwerp area of Belguim, and reportedly does some work in Uganda, Africa

8 a.m.

“Monitoring in Glioma Surgery”


Roberto Herrera MD

Linked In

Roberto is an Argentinean Neurosurgeon, who works at the Clinica Adventista Belgrano, in Buenas Aires, Argentina.  He has a great Facebook page, and is a true international neurosurgeon, and is very active on the Conference circuit of Neurosurgery

9 a.m.

“Common Brain Tumors and Their Treatment”


Suryapratrap Singh Tomar MD


Surya is a leader in education in Neurosurgery in India, and is an advocate of using Digital methods to increase the quality of  healthcare in India.  He is the best Social Media presence that we have seen there in Neurosurgery in India; he volunteered to go to Nepal last year, after that devastating eartthquake there.

11 a.m.

“The Chiari Malformation”


John Oró MD


John is a Neurosurgeon based in Aurora, Colorado.  Dr. Oró is a nationally recognized leader in the Chiari I malformation and syringomyelia.  Through and network development, Dr. Oró is currently working to improve the quality of care of patients with the Chiari I malformation and syringomyelia world-wide.

12:00 p.m.

“Urgent Brain Tumor Surgery”


Samer Hoz MD


Samer Hoz MD, is a 6th year resident in neurosurgery teaching hospital ” in BAGHDAD.IRAQ.   See the great hangout Samer did about “Missile Injuries of the Brain: Iraq: 2004-2008” a few weeks back HERE

1 pm

‘Brain Tumor Stem Cells and the Future of Neuro-Oncology Innovation”


Ayden Jacob MSc

Linked In

Ayden is an early adapter of Hangouts in Medical education, and has many in the field of Nanomedicine, and Radiology.  He is Medical Engineer & Clinical Innovater, as well as Healthcare Analyst and Medical Technologist.  He is the Editor in Chief of “Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Therapy”.  See Ayden’s website at “The Future of Medicine Through Bioengineering

2 pm


Jose Luis Vega Celiz MD

Jose is an ENT doc from Barcelona

3 p.m.

“The Far Lateral Approach”slaven

Slaven  Gojkovic MS 3


Slaven is a rising superstar in the Neurosurgery field, yet a medical student.  A Third Year Med Student, and University of Croatia in Zagreb, he is well-read in the science of Neurosurgery, and does Neurosurgical case presentaions for his fellow students.  He will talk about the field of Medical Education in the field of Neurosurgery.

4 PM

“Diving in the Rhoton Collection”


Ammar Hadi MD

Linked In

Ammar is a recently soon-to-be pillar of the Neurosurgical.TV community.  He is a practicing Neurosurgeon, in a very busy metropolitan community in Iraq.  He has much experience from the frequent warring in his country, and is willing to share his experiences with Brain Trauma with the global neurosurgical community.

5 p.m.

“Brain Tumor Support System”


Joni  Aldritch


Joni is a Pulitzer-Prize Nominated writer in the field of Brain Tumor Cancer Support.  She has Popular Podcast and Radio shows, and is a frequent speaker and well-known Radio show host.

6 pm-8 pm

“Neuro-Oncology Today”


Erin Dunbar MD


Erin is an accomplished Neuro-Oncologist, affilated wtih the highly regarded Anderson Cancer Institute of Houston.  She practices in Atlanta.  “Providing a robust portfolio of promising clinical trials and novel therapies to serve the needs of her patients across their lifetime is Dr. Dunbar’s passion”


8 pm

“Cerebral Metastases: Paradigms and Prejudices”


Kristine Ravina MD

Linked In

Kristene works at the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, and, in her words, “… I have grown increasingly committed to expand my knowledge and abilities in the field of Neuroscientific research…”



9 p.m.

“Brain Tumors in the New Era: The Viability of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery by Clinical Research Perspectives”


Andres Alvarez Pinzon MD

Andres has done other shows with us, for the channel   www.Neurosurgical.TV, as well as www.Neurocirugia.TV.   He is a Post Doctoral Fellow in Neuro-Oncology. Miami Neuroscience Center, Candidate Master In Science in Biotech Neuro-Oncology. Johns Hopkins University and is a Candidate PhD translational Health Science and Neuroscieneces. George Washington University

10 p.m.

“Hinge Craniotomy”


Kathryn Ko MD

Linked In

Kathryn is a practicing Neurosurgeon in New York City, and is a talented multi-media artist.  She has her own Internet TV Show, www.ArtOnCall.TV, where she interviews other

healthcare professionals with artistic talents.



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