Ammar Hadi MD, with Kathryn Ko MD, another Neurosurgical Presenter at a prior Neurosurgical Convention

by John Bennett MD

March 8, 2016

Ammar Hadi MD, Neurosurgeon from Iraq, has been added to the SCHEDULE of presenters for the “1st Annual Rhoton Online Neurosurgery Conference” March 26, 27th.

Dr Hadi, from  Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Al-Samawa City, Iraq, is a neurosurgeon serving a population of 800,000.  Dr Hadi will explore the  collection of Neurosurgical educational

materials, personally curated by the late Dr. Rhoton in the “Rhoton Collection”.  This is a internet legacy left by Dr. Rhoton which is invaluable to the Neurosurgical

community, and Neurosurgical residents, and others,  will forever benefit by his hard work.

So far, we have Neurosurgeons from the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Iraq, and hope to get more from other parts of the world.  Dr. Rhoton’s fame is widespread!

The Online Conference is free and meant to both commemorate and honor the memory of Albert Rhoton MD, as well as explore the use on the increasing use of the Online Medical Conference.

It will be LIVE, starting Saturday, March 26th at 7 a.m. (see Schedule), and will go to Sunday at 10 pm.  A twitter Board will allow for questions/comments after the respective presentations.

Dr. Hadi’s presentation will be at 6 pm EST, Saturday, March 26th, LIVE.

No registration is necessary, just show up at www.Neurosurgical.TV!




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