(NOTE: Live Hangout at 2 pm EST with Victor and other Neurosurgeons at www.Neurosurgical.TV)

We had the fortune to run into Victor Volovici MD, a Neurosurgeon from Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, at a Neurosurgical conference in Romania.  Our ace cub reporter, Slaven Gojkovic, Med Student from Croatia, cornered Victor at a Neurosurgical conference, and  Slaven and I did an impromptu interview, using just an iPad, which follows here:

Victor is a big proponent of “Microsurgery”, and “Super-Microsurgery”, and expresses the desire to reach Neurosurgeons across the globe about it.

We hope we have the platform that can do so, Google Hangouts.  We plan our first one, this Saturday, February 27th at 2 pm EST, 8 pm CET at www.Neurosurgical.TV


Victor is going to do a first in what we hope is a series on “Microsurgery” in the Neurosurgical field.  In the past, as one can see when one inspects the archive of Neurosurgical Hangouts we have had, includes Neurosurgeons from New Jersey, Florida, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, France, South Africa, Russia, Egypt.  So we may have just the platform for Victor!

See Victor’s previous videos on Neuroanatomy from YouTube:

“The Kawase approach”
Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Club, March 2015 Bucharest Romania

“The Cavernous Sinus”, at Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Club, March, 2015, Bucharest, Romania

“Penetrating Arteries of the brain”, at Walter Dandy Neurosurgical Club, March, 2015

“The Petrous Bone: The anatomical “cave of wonders”, at Walter Dandy, April 2015



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