by John Bennett MD

Feb 25, 2016

It has been the pleasure for us at InternetMedicine.com to be able to produce a New Channel, “Art on Call.TV”, run by a New York Neurosurgeon, Kathryn Ko MD.  The show is assembled and  moderated by Dr. Ko, and has had five episodes as of this date, which are listed below.  Dr. Ko also does the multimedia work presented during the shows!  She interviews physicians who have talents, artistic and otherwise, on the show, and has various panelists to add to the discussion.


Kathryn Ko MD

See the website of Dr. Ko, where her extensive works of art are displayed, and well as a New York Times article written about her multimedia work

The next episode is scheduled for March 4, 2016 at 4 pm EST, at www.ArtOnCall.TV, entitled “Sutures and Strings”.

Below are the archived shows as of this date:


On January 26, Kathryn Ko MD, hosted “Episode 3 Tomb of the Unknown Human”; panelists include Deborah Bendit MD, VP of the AANS, and Ammar Addi MD, a Neurosurgeon from Iraq.

Dr Ko interviews a former patient, Russian Trumpeteer Nikita.
See his inspiring recovery and hear his mastery of the classical trumpet.

On December 29, 2015, Brad Nieder MD, from Colorado, a working Stand up Comedian, is interviewed by Dr. Ko, as she identifies the area of brains and Brad’s brain

FIRST EPISODE: Inaugural Show, Introduction of Dr. Ko, and her
Career as a Neurosurgeon, Multimedia Artist



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