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February 26, 2018

The White House will begin live coverage of the Precision Medicine Initiative Summit at 10AM EST (7AM PST). Medicine X Executive Director Larry Chu, MD, and other members of the Medicine X community will be present to participate and contribute ideas in shaping the initiative.


(See the video of last years White House “Precision Medicine’s start, HERE)

What is precision medicine?

Last January President Obama announced a bold new initiative to revolutionize how to improve health and treat disease. Known as the Precision Medicine Initiative, it imagines a future where treatment and prevention strategies will be tailored to individual people based on their unique genes, microbiome, health histories, lifestyles and diet. At Medicine X last September, Claudia Williams explained precision medicine as a call to action for everyone.


Why Everyone Included™ is essential to the success of precision medicine

At the center of this groundbreaking effort is a unique public-private-patient partnership that represents the best ideals of Everyone Included™ as a driver of healthcare transformation. In order for this initiative to be successful, those involved must develop trust in one another’s aims, respect for one another’s expertise, and empathy for one another’s views, as freely-shared health data is a remarkable resource with which we will shape a healthy future for everyone.



Medicine X community members at the Precision Medicine Initiative Summit


The following members of the Stanford Medicine X community will be attending the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative Summit today: Hugo Campos, Larry Chu, Nick Dawson (sans Zoë), Dana Lewis, Matthew Might, Claudia Williams, and Howard Look. 


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