by John Bennett MD

Ask any ER doc what strikes fear and terror in their heart, and, no, they won’t always say “The head administrator wants to see you”, but simply one word, which strikes terror in even the most grizzled ER doc.

It is “Bouncebacks“, a term for a patient that was recently seen in the ER, and is coming back for the same reason they originally presented.  Why the trepidation.  Well, first of all, there may  be a diagnosis missed.

Sometimes the ER is a very hurried spot, and something may have been overlooked.  And these types of cases are potentially dangerous for malpractice reasons.  One has to come up with a reason for the patient’s return, and it had better be good.

Stop by  www.LarkinMedical.TV at 5 pm on Tuesday, to see an experienced ER doc from Pennsylvania, Michael Weinstock MD, who has authored 3 books  on “Bouncebacks”.

The interview will be LIVE and you can tweet questions and comments.

See you there!



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