by John Bennett MD

Greetings and Salutations!  We are going to televise a short medical conference from the mountains of Ecuador on Friday, from the small town of Guaranda, located in the middle of the country, with a beautiful backdrop of the Andes mountains.

See us set up for the conference Tuesday, 8 a.m. at www.LarkinHospital.TV, in an informal team meeting with the local techs!

The conference is being run by Neurocirugia.TV, and Neurosurgical TV regular, Carlos Lllumiguano MD, a Neurosurgon from both Spain and Ecuador.  We will attempt to televise this event with the use of two or three laptops, and co-ordinate it from our offices in Miami, Seville Spain, and Tokyo, Japan.

It will be televised on one of our channels, www.LarkinHospital.TV, a leader in medical education in Spanish, based in Miami, on Friday, starting at 2 pm EST.

We are using the Apple laptop for the main speaker, both audio and video.  For the screen we are using another laptop.  Google Hangout technology allows us to live stream the event.  There seem to be other platforms of Live Streaming out there, but we are most familiar with Hangouts.

The tests performed appear good, and tomorrow we are going to test to see if the screen shows up on the second laptop.

See the tests we performed yesterday:

We will post tomorrow after the meeting, and we will advise of our progress in the meantime.

The conference is in Spanish, and the schedule is below:

WATCH us Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. to set up and brainstorm with members of our team, and the local techs in Cuaranda, Ecuador at www.LarkinHospital.TV!


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