I’ve been working in home care for around 7 years now so it’s safe to say that I’m no stranger to the industry. While technology has played a huge role in our everyday lives, the home care sector has benefited particularly well over the past few years. However, not all home care software meets the mark.

With that being said, here are a few questions you should ask (and answer) before committing to any one software program:

Are you willing to give something up?

There are very few times in life when a product or service will be completely perfect, suiting absolutely every need or desire that pops up. The same holds true for home care software. Every software developer will claim their software has something special that separates it from the rest. Truth be told, it might. However, what are you giving up in order to enjoy that special feature?

When choosing software you must separate your needs from your wants. Does your agency need more emphasis on scheduling? Or perhaps, your needs rely more heavily on management. Maybe you need a software program like Hometrak that places emphasis on both. Figure out what you’re willing to give up to enjoy the features you need.

What does the future hold?

In other words, where do you see the agency in five years? As with any business, the ultimate goal is to grow and prosper. For example, if your home care agency dealt primarily with one type of health insurance program (ex: Medicare), then the ultimate hope for the future is to expand beyond that by catering to other health insurance programs.

Devote a little time to think about the future. Start with three years and move up to five. Now, do you see your current software keeping up with the demands of your growing agency? If not, then there are two schools of thought. First and foremost is to consider switching software programs to find a program that is flexible enough to change with your agency. The second option would be to incorporate more than one type of software. Although this option can pose more complications, it is oftentimes significantly more flexible.

Have you done your research?

Choosing a primary software for your home care agency is a big commitment. As with any big commitment, you’re going to want to do your research before finalizing anything. There so many different home care software programs on the market, some getting phenomenal reviews while others leave a lot to be desired. It is important however to keep in mind that a bad review doesn’t necessarily mean the software is a dud.

Unfortunately, it is hard to put any truth to the world of software reviews. The sad fact is that most reviews come from someone merely looking to complain. Therefore, when you see a particular software program boasting hundreds of positive reviews, you can bet that the majority of those reviews are a little less than trustworthy. For solid answers, combine your online research with tradeshow visits and old-fashioned peer reviews.


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