Thursday at 4 pm EST, we are hosting a Live, Interactive Google Hangout with Yaakov Nahmias PhD.  Yaakov is  a noted Bioengineer,  and Director, Grass Center for Bioengineering in Jeruselem.   Currently doing a fellowship and Harvard/MIT this year, Yaakov will discuss a few of his projects.

The projects discussed will be his labs work with Bioengineered Liver tissue, as well as the development of Diabetic socks, to help prevent ulcers.

From his LinkedIn profile, in his words

“I am the director of the Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an affiliated member of the NIH-funded BioMEMS Resource Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. I am the founder and academic director of the Israeli BioDesign medical innovation program.

My work focuses on the study and establishment of microscale liver tissues using microfabrication and tissue engineering. The ultimate goal is to develop advanced liver tissues that will display differentiated function and an in-vivo-like response to challenges such as drug toxicity, inflammation and infection. I have a special interest in the interactions between endothelial cells and hepatocytes, in the context of liver development and regeneration.

I am the recipient of a NIH research scientist career award, ERC starting grant, and the Rappaport Award for BioMedical sciences.

Specialties: Liver tissue engineering, hepatocyte cell culture, HCV, antivirals…”

The program begins at 4 pm EST, and is on the Medgadget Channel.  Questions/comments can be asked.




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