bioleg, is starting a collaboration with one of the leaders in online webinars,, to produce an online “Summit” or Conference, on “3D Printing In Medicine” on January 26th, 27th, and 28th.

This is the first Summit, which will be followed next month with one on “Medical Robotics” with thought leaders in that industry.

3D Printing is an exciting tech industry, which is sure to increase in its impact in the coming years. In this summit, we will get a chance to know the players in this industry. Herein follows the list of presenters we currently have, as of Sunday, December 27th. All presenters will be on the interface at THIS ADDRESS.


-Register for all talks HERE; it’s free!

Tuesday Jan 26

9 a.m. EST


Jorge Vicent Lopes de Silva, (LinkedIn)

CTI Renato Archer, Sao Paolo, Brazil: Institution on the forefront of 3D printing in Brazil

Articles; HERE,

Using 3d Printing for Surgical Planning”


11 a.m. EST

John Hornick Atty, (LinkedIn)

(best LinkedIn Profile Photos I have ever seen!)

Author of “3D Printing Will Rock the World3dpbook

“John Hornick presents an insightful look at how 3D printing could potentially change the planet.”

12:00 p.m. EST

3D print

Mark ten Laan MD, Neurosurgical Resident

UMC St. Radboud, The Netherlands

3D Printing as a Patient Education Tool for Surgeons and Med Ed for Patients

Wednesday, January 27th

7:30 a.m. EST


Selene Parekh MD, Foot/Ankle Surgeon (LinkedIn)

Duke University, North Carolina

3D Printing: Benefits to Foot and Ankle Injuries

9:00 a.m. EST


Ric Izzo PhD: Biomedical Engineer, Jacobs Institute,

University of Buffalo (LinkedIn)

3d Printing in Cardiology

11 a.m. EST


Ciprian Ianesco Phd (LinkedIn)

Research Asst. Professor Biomedical Engineering, University of Buffalo

3D Printing in Vascular Neurosurgery

1 pm EST

Stern, Carrie

“3D Printing in Cosmetic Surgery”

Carrie Stern MD: Plastic Surgeon, New York

Will discuss her program for proposed surgery in 3D Renderings:

Thursday, January 28

9.a.m. EST


Jemma Redmond, Dublin, Ireland

Low Cost Bioprinters, by Ourobotics: The Democritization for Creation

10 a.m. EST


Yaser Shanjani PhD (Linkedin) Research Engineer, Stanford University

3D Printing in Regenerative Orthopedics

12 p.m. EST


Jose Manuel Baena, Madrid, Spain (LinkedIn)

Customized 3D Products in Medicine

CEO BRECA Healthcare, and www., Bioprinting and Orthopedics,


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