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November 27, 2015
Five-year-old Xiaohu, alias, is finally able to ride his bike, after doctors at the Wuhan Third Hospital successfully provided him with a 3D printed prosthetic hand.

Two years ago, the boy had fallen into a fire pit and ended up suffering severe burns. The worst-affected was his left hand, which doctors had to eventually amputate.

Struggling to cope with the tragedy and fearful that people would not treat him well, the family often asked Xiaohu to stay indoors.

However, in May this year, they seemed to receive a fresh lease of life, as doctors from the Wuhan Third Hospital Burn Rehabilitation Center called and informed them their son would become the first burn victim to receive a 3D printed prosthetic.

After months of work to ensure exact measurements and feed appropriate data, the hand was printed and assembled. Earlier this week, Xiaohu received the prosthetic and with it, he can now hold and grab objects and perhaps once again return to playing like a child his age should.


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