November 22, 2015

Truly awesome are some of the development in technology today, and how it can impact healthcare.  Below is the website page from “Didrick Medical”, a company that makes the “X-Finger”, or a fully functional prosthetic finger.  Watch the video to see how dextrous this device is.  We will do our best to try to get this company on a hangout!

Didrick Medical Inc is proud to have developed and patented the world’s first functional artificial fingers for partial finger amputees. We not only were the first company to develop body-powered artificial fingers, our prosthetic fingers are the most dexterous, durable, low profile and award winning prosthetic fingers ever developed. We offer more variations of functional prosthetic fingers than any other company and can accommodate hundreds of configurations of devices.

X-Fingers are the only body-powered artificial fingers that are fabricated from stainless steel. They replace missing phalanges that are controlled by the movement of the remaining portion of a finger when available; or by the movement of the hand when no finger is available. Our devices are being used to rehabilitate wounded US and British soldiers and if you demand the very best the world has to offer do not settle for anything less than an X-Finger. For more information please browse our website or contact us at contact@didrickmedical.com. You can also call us toll free at (877-343-7425) for more information.

The video below shows an individual wearing four X-Fingers. The 2nd and 3rd digits are operated independently.  The 4th and 5th digits are connected together as only one of the residual fingers is long enough to control a device.


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