3d medical skull


November 1, 2015

The application of 3D printing for medical technology is becoming more and more prominent and lucrative. We are seeing the international medical community embrace the technology while also viewing the big business deals that reflect this tight fit between medicine and 3D printing. This is evident in the recent deal betweenMach7 and 3D Medical companies. 3D Medical is a medical company that prints customized 3D models of patients’ bones and organs for doctors and surgeons.  It has recently acquired the US-based medical technology business Mach7 in a deal worth $60 million.

This large merger will allow Mach7 to supply medical imaging data to 3D Medical. Also, Mach7 has around 40 clients based in 10 international countries, with 300 sites. The merger will give 3D Medical access to all of these sites, and facilitate further expansion into the 3D printing world. After the planned merger, the company will be headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and renamed as Mach7


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