step by step guidelines for moderators of sessions
As you know, all presentations will be made using ​Google + Hangouts on Air ​ .

Using ​Google +  Hangouts on Air ​  is easy.

Perhaps you have used it before, but anyway we have prepared a  short guidelines on how to proceed.


1. Joining the session

a. You will receive a Google Calendar invitation containing the url of the Hangouts of the day when you will act as moderator.

b. The invitation also contains the timing of your session. Click the url or paste it in  your browser, it will open Hangouts.

c. Please, ​come 10 minutes early to ensure you are online and ready ontime ­not                               earlier since another session might be ongoing­.    General recommendations

i. A good internet connection is required. Use broadband connection (wire)                     if possible. A poor internet connection may represent a serious limitation                       and presenters may be requested to exit the session.

ii. Test the system before the conference, including your microphone and                     camera.

iii. Getting familiar with ​Google + Hangouts on Air ​  before the conference is  also important.

1. You need to register in ​Google + ​ . If you have a Gmail email  account you can use that account directly.

2. Please, watch this tutorials if you do not have previous experience

a. Google Hangouts Etiquette

b. Google Hangout Tutorial ­ How To Use Google Hangouts

3. Please, add your name, title and location (country) by creating a  Lower Third Name Banner.

Here your can find a tutorial explaining  how to do it

4. The best browser for running Hangouts is Chrome.

iv. Please, exit any softwares other than Hangouts page.

v. Using headphones is a good way to avoid echo

vi. Ensure a quiet room to attend the conference

vii. Check the program​ . It is very important you have in mind the number of

2. Welcome participants (off air, ­break time­)

a. Please, welcome participants as they arrive and remind them the program.

b. Use this time to identify presenters with their presentations as scheduled in the                           program.

c. If a presenter does not show up, just jump his/her presentation. This will give                             more time to make questions to other participants.

d. Ask participants to “Mute” their microphone while they are waiting their turn.

e. Remind participants they have ​ 10minutes maximumfor presenting followed by 2 to 5 minutes of questions.
3. Start the session (on air)

a. The Host (IMS Admin) will start broadcasting the session at the agreed time. We  will not wait for presenters who come late since we need to start on time.  Anyway, if a presenter joins late (at any point during the session), he/shewill be allowed to present. The Host has to get synchronized with you so broadcasting  starts just few seconds before you start talking.

b. Unmute your microphone and start presenting the session. It is a good idea to  make a quick overview of the upcoming contents (in about 1 minute).

c. Introduce the first speaker.

d. Thank every speaker after his/her presentation (you can make use of the  Applause feature in Hangouts if you wish) and make some questions about it.    uestions can be your own or from attendees. You will receive questions from  attendees via Google Hangouts (text).

e. Control the time: ​ it is very important all sessions start and finish at the agreed time since other sessions will come up next. There is no problem if you finish  early.

4. Finish the session with some words thanking participants and attendees.
That’s all. Thank you very much for your collaboration and enjoy the conference


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