There are seminal moments in the evolution of healthcare – think the invention of the stethoscope, the discovery of penicillin, cracking the genetic code. We’re in such a moment today, and the organizing principle of this current wave is data-driven digital transformation.  Through technology, healthcare information is becoming more granular, more liquid and more relevant, and it’s being employed with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

We’re entering the third wave of digital healthcare. The first wave, dating back to the mid ’90s, was about the Internet and connectivity. The second, more recent wave of the ’00s has been dominated by mobility. And the third wave, currently underway, is about the mass personalization of healthcare. It’s about trends like the quantified self and the increasing awareness of consumers that they are the stewards of their own health.

It’s also about software, mobile platforms and the power of data to not only intervene earlier but intuit health issues before they occur. For providers, it’s about employing technology solutions to close the gaps in care delivery, about extracting greater value from data and delivering real results against healthcare’s triple aim – improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing per capita costs ofhealthcare.



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