by John Bennett MD

October 23, 2015

Yeah, I know you must be saying, Dr. Bennett, can’t you give this Hangout thing a rest, and get a hobby, or something?

We are having our first “Hangout Publishing” Hangout tomorrow night, Friday at 9 pm, to hangout with Medical writer, John Hewitt, from Philadelphia, at www.NeurologyWeb.TV

It is about an article he just published yesterday,

Transparent optogenetic brain implants: Yet another amazing use for graphene“.  If you want to be on the panel for it, email me at desertedbeach@hotmail.com.

Well, I am tremendously excited by the possibilities of this platform.  To communicate, to network, and to educate.  Hell, I met a couple of young whippersnapper Med Students from Tufts last night, that showed me the future of Medical care in the USA is in good hands; compassionate, patient, tech-smart, and, most of all, treat geezer MDs like me with respect. (By the way, I have already bought the domain name, geezermd.com, so don’t go lookin for it)

Anyways.we made progress from the old Printing press with faster transmission of the news with radio and television.  Then came the computer.  Superfast publication.

But hangouts can let us add another valuable layer to reading of Digital Healthcare happenings; it allows for INTERACTION with the author of the article, almost in REAL TIME,  as well as some damn good networking.  Maybe even include some of the doctors, researchers, web people mentioned in the article.

It is like you are watching your favorite TV show, and you can stop the show and engage the actors you are watching in real time.  Or tweet them questions, if not in the panel.

Let’s just say, in summation, Hangouts adds a level of immediacy to the interaction about the particular topic, as well as perhaps the most valuable aspect; human interaction.


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