by John Bennett MD

January 9, 2014

A lunacy commision has been appointed.

Why?  Big Plans, perhaps excessively grandiose, sometimes a sign of an underlying psychosis

And the possible grandiose scheme?.

We are brazen enough to think we can create a global medical community, using our favorite weapon, Google Hangouts.

Ok, the story, behind these hijinks, possible lunacy, can be seen in this promo video:

We were fortunate enough to be retained by Luis Lopez-Ibor MD, a Neuro Interventional Radiologist from Madrid Spain, to LIVE STREAM his conference, taking place January 16 and 17th in Madrid.

So, we created an affiliate Internet TV Channel,, www.NeuroIR.tv to live stream the entire 2 day conference on Neuro Interventional Radiology.  Now, this community will not only gather with a few “Pre-Conference Hangouts”,, but we hope that the community stays together, and continues to interact, having regular Hangouts, to further the science of “Neuro Interventional Radiology”.  After all, this community is spread out thinly over the world, and we feel the platform of Google Hangouts allows them to continually communicate, on case presentations, didactic lectures, etc. quite easily from their desktops.

So, let’s see what develops.  The Lunacy commision has stopped temporarily stopped proceedings, and will be watching on January 16th, at www.NeuroIR.tv.



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