by John Bennett MD

We are  big believers at this website of the power of Google Hangouts to communicate, educate and network.  One development which came to our attention is the use of Hangouts by the Emergency Medicine community in having a “Emergency Medicine Journal” Club.  They actually starting using Hangouts in March 2013. long before we did on this site.

It allows panelists from different geographical areas to weigh in on this topic, and not necessarily from only North America.  Crowdsourcing medical knowledge will increase in all areas of medicine, and we predict it will start to be used by other specialities more extensively than it is now.

We are currently concentrating on Neurosurgery, to prove the concept works.  We had a fantastic Hangout about the platform of “Reacts”, to a panel of neurosurgeons, among them one from Saudi Arabia, one from Russia, one from South Africa, one from Spain, and two from Brazil, as well as an ENT doctor from Korea, and a Medical student from Japan.

All from their desktops!



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