by John Bennet MD
A Panel of 4 Oncologists discussed Personalized Oncology, the tailoring of treatment of certain types of cancer depending on the genomes of the patients, to know if a drug will  or will not be effective.  On the panel were Marcos Andre Costa MD, Oncologist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Luis Enrique Araujo MD, Oncologist from Ohio State, Elipe Bataline MD, Internetist from UCLA, and Felipe Ades MD, Oncologist from Sao Paulo Brazil.  Discussed were the generation of data made
by the expanding field of genomics, and the challenges we face trying to collect, organize, and utilize this data.  There are significant problems facing the collection of the diverse data that will be generated; political, security, privacy, cost, are just some of the few obstacles.
Here is the Hangout, of December 17, 2014

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