by John Bennett MD, Editor

December 11, 2014

I believe Global Medical Crowdsourcing is HERE, NOW!

And the necessary connecting ingredient  connecting the dots  is Google Hangouts.

And is this statement pulled out of the air, with no proof?

No, Medicine is evidence-based, as are most solid businesses.  You want to see evidence of this statement?

Well, check out probably our best Hangout to date, on our affiliate channel, www.Neurosurgical.TV.  In this show, is a presentation of “Reacts“, a platform that Remotely transmits a live stream of surgery to other locations.

If you are pressed for time, don’t watch the whole thing, but let me describe it for you, in short:

-fantastic presentation by Yannick Beaulieu MD, a cardiac intensivist from Montreal, Canada, about their platform, “Reacts“.

Reacts is a e online software solution that allows you to remotely interact, supervise, work, teach, and collaborate with a platform like Google Hangouts, but with some additional features added.  So Surgeons can transmit their surgeries over continents, to other parts of the world.

They can also actively interact with those remote surgeons, and superimpose their fingers on the surgical field area.

So, just imagine that.  Neurosurgeons at Mayo Clinic can accurately transmit a stream to a South African Neurosurgeon (like one that was on this panel) about their latest technique of Endovascular Neurosurgery.  And that Mayo Clinic

Neurosurgeon can mentor, and monitor the South African Neurosurgeon when he tackles this new procedure.

And Google Hangout was able to connect Neurosurgeons from around the Globe about this great platform of “Reacts”!

They did not have to meet at a conference; they can crowdsource about this platform, from even an iPhone (as did the Brazilian Neurosurgeon on last weeks show)


Now, as far as this Hangout, look at the line-up on the panel.

-2 Brazilian Neurosurgeons

-Russian Neurosurgeon

-South African Neurosurgeon

-Florida Neurologist

-Korean ENT Doctor

-Japanese Medical Student

-ER Physician from Florida

-Medical Writer from Philadephia

And all this done from Desktops, and Smartphones.

Now, is that crowdsourcing, or what?

Google Hangouts have a place in Global Medical Education!


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