Here are a few technical consideration for GHOA:

* For remote guest, you will need to make sure you have a Google+ account to use Google Hangouts and install the ‘Hangouts’ app or plug-in. https://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/

* Please use headphones and either a USB podcast type directional mic, or boom mic attached to your headphones.

* Please try and find a quiet location with minimal reverberation.

* Use evenly distributed lighting, with little back lighting.  Use an extra “fill” light if you appear dark.  The more even light you have, the less grainy your video will be.

* Please use a physical LAN connection if at all possible.  WiFi connections are somewhat problematic and throughput is sketchy resulting in Cyloning.

* Don’t have a lot of background apps going or other devices downloading or accessing thing during this time.

* Minimize movement if sound quality deteriorates.  Video compression techniques work on only providing changes from frame to frame.  If you move around constantly, or move your camera, this causes more frame updates to take place with more bandwidth consumption.

* As an option and if you are familiar with the built in recorder tool in Windows or the equivalent on a Mac or Linux, please record your end of the podcast as a backup to the recordings on my end.  This will avoid transmission corruption sound issues and provide a cleaner channel for post.


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