by John Bennett MD

Jeez, let me jump into my tight pants, and ruffled shirt, grab a goose-quill, and scribble a letter to the publisher of JAMA.

Well, those were the old days.  Now, we see the classroom flipping, students in med school being given iPads the first day of class, the Kahn Academy making remote education not only possible, but effective.

Now comes Google Hangouts.  Hangouts can continue to change education in ANY area, like Kahn.  Hangouts can be scheduled with the author of a significant post, a few days after publishing.  Significant players in

the post will be at the hangout, as well as the audience.  And it will be accessible to anyone with an internet connection.  And the audience can tweet questions.


Ideas can be more deeply explored, and issues brought up in the article can be pursued.

A good post can be the same as an ELECTIVE UNIVERSITY COURSE.

Debate can ensure; more splinter hangouts scheduled.  Networking done.  Communication more efficient.

Hangouts  are just beginning to be used.  When you spend about 18 hours a day at the computer dealing with healthcare websites like I do, you can feel the tremors.

A tremor like Google testing the use of Hangouts being used in Telehealth.  The tremors of Google putting the Chrome App Launcher on the desktop, where

you can easily access hangouts.

Google changed search.  But I bet in 20 years, they will be better known to have changed education, networking, and, most of all, COMMUNICATION with Hangouts.


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