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October 8, 2014
Doctor Gratis lets Android and Blackberry users consult with doctors online through the app, as well as access information about health issues. This edition of the app features content about Ebola. Telemedicine may be a weapon against the disease in that it lessens contact between doctors and patients.Health2i debuted its app in Indonesia a couple of years ago, and to date has about half a million downloads. Besides its online push in Africa, the startup is also working with Nigerian doctors to promote the app, which is free to use.“We are targeting the middle class, as they are the ones who are traveling the most in the region,” says Dr Jacques Durand, medical director of Health2i.The company is focusing its efforts on these countries as a start: Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Gambia.See more: Hypochondriacs beware: 5 innovative health apps from Asia

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