Eko stethoscope Eko Attachment Gives Traditional Stethoscopes New Superpowers (VIDEO)


October 3, 2014

Eko app Eko Attachment Gives Traditional Stethoscopes New Superpowers (VIDEO)

Electronic stethoscopes have been around for quite a while now, but either because of cost, difficulty of use, or simply doctors choosing the tried and true, they have not been adopted to the extend many in the industry expected. A new device slated to be released soon aims to be an intermediary turning conventional stethoscopes into powerful digital devices.

The Eko, developed by Eko Devices out of Berkeley, California, hooks up to the stem of just about any stethoscope’s chestpiece and is paired with a matching app that powers a lot of its features. It can then record exams for later review, display the visualization of the sounds, and control how the sound comes across to the listener. The app can upload recordings to an EHR or email them to another physician for review.

The company expects FDA clearance by the end of the year and is planning to start clinical trials in the SF Bay Area to evaluate the value it can offer both clinically and economically.

The company has opened a waiting list for those interested to get the Eko soon after it’s cleared and released for sale.