September 26, 2014

Boomers Will Be a Boon to Digital Healthcare Marketplace   Mobile Devices healthcare eMarketer baby boomers Though much of the conversation about healthcare has been focused on retirees who are living longer than ever (with inevitable hiccups for both the economics and efficiencies), the next wave could change the very nature of healthcare in the U.S.

The youngest baby boomers will turn 50 this year. As a result, the U.S. healthcare industry is anticipating unprecedented levels of demand for products and services.

“Though members of this generation still fancy themselves young and healthy, they have more health problems and chronic conditions than previous generations at the same age,” says eMarketer. “Still, they want to stay active for as long as possible. They expect healthcare that enables them to age in place and do it on their own terms.”

That tidbit was included in a new eMarketer report, “Healthcare Marketing to Baby Boomers: Helping the ‘Forever Young’ Age on Their Own Terms.”

The most transformative trend? A “shift away from treating illness and disease, toward rewarding wellness and prevention.”

Aging boomers will focus on staying active and preserving their physical appearance and weight. That’s stoking the markets for exercise as well as vitamins, dietary supplements, fortified foods, and anti-aging products.

Recent market studies by BCC Research noted that the global market for anti-aging products and services (including anti-aging cosmetics, plastic surgery and dermatology and anti-aging disease management) was $261.9 billion, up from $249.3 billion in 2012. The firm projects this number could reach $345.8 billion by 2018.

”Now that boomers are signed up, marketers are looking for ways to encourage them to take more responsibility for their own care and become comfortable with technology that will reduce long-term costs and keep them healthier,” the report concludes.


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