by John Bennett MD

We believe firmly in the Google Hangout platform to communicate, network, and educate, for both healthcare professionals, and patients.  We foresee a great future for this tech, that will bring communities together in a LIVE, INTERACTIVE settings.

A model of this is occurring now at our affiliate website, www.BostonMedical.tv.

We are trying to mine the medical minds of Beantown, and bring them to the internet world.  Google Hangouts lets us do that, in  a fairly simple way.

This weeks starts Tuesday, September 23rd, at 9 pm with Peter Chai MD of University of Massachusetts.  Peter is going to speak about “Toxicology in the Digital Age”, as well as the use of Google Glass in Toxicology, a relatively

new development.

Wednesday, Boston Medical TV will have Rafael Sadaba MD, a cardiac surgeon,  of Pamplona, Spain (no, he has NOT run with the bulls, he only treats the injuries), who is going to talk about the technology of “Leap Motion”.  With this

platform, the surgeon can move images in the OR with hand gestures.

And on Thursday, John Springer, a Los Angeles surgical tech, will speak about using Google Glass as a tech in the OR, and how it affects the surgical scenario, and its benefits for co-ordination amongst the surgical team.

Below, see the promo video


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