by John Bennett MD

We are not trying to be the official “60 Minutes” of Digital Healthcare, but my curiosity about this offer from a Chinese stem cell company offering effective treatment from Psoriatic Arthritis by stem cell injections got the best of me, on this fine fall day in Miami.

Sure, that and the fact that a friend suffers from this, and wants to get treated with anything that would help, and has heard that stem cells are promising.

That is the key word in most areas of stem cell treatment: promising, NOT proven.

Everyone knows that the science of Stem Cells is a tricky one.  And, there is no other area which shows more promise.  Therefore education is the key., to be able to distinguish Scam from Valid.


To give you an example of what is out there, we  are posting this copy of a letter we received, after inquiring about this China company returning my request to be treated for my alleged “Psoriatic Arthritis”.


Dear John,

The medical department has made an initial review of the submitted medical information.  I am happy to report that –pending acceptance– this case would be suitable for a protocol which is significantly shorter and less expensive ($18,500USD and 18 days versus $26,300USD and 28 days) than many other neurological conditions.
Pending your acceptance, they recommend treatment by means of six (6) injection packets of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSC).  They are requesting additional formal medical information to continue evaluating eligibility for treatment, namely:
a certificate of diagnosis or formal medical document specifically indicating the diagnosis (such as a discharge summary),
X-rays of affected joints, and
your blood Rh-type (the “+/-” part).
You may send along any parts of this information you have by fax or email; it need not all come at once. We can continue to build the medical file as you submit the information until the doctors are able to issue an acceptance.
Please let me know if you have any questions about this medical information or any other aspect of treatment.
(Name of company and address  deleted)

Nanshan District Shenzhen, Guangdong 518057, China

Now, IF I had psoriatic arthritis, I would immediately hit the Internet, then talk to my doctor, and talk to former patients, etc.  I would ask this clinic for references of people they have treated.  I would NOT get my hopes up, run over to China and fork
over $18K.
But I imagine the hope and appeal of a cure would be appetizing, and seductive.  But, it only seems prudent to become educated, talk to people, both for and against.  Talk to your doctor.  Talk to other doctors.



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