(ED NOTE: Great article; in the words of Sir Arthur Clarke, of “2001” fame, “If a computer can replace your doctor, it should”.  this blog’s position is that digitalization is great for assembly of data, but doctors need  to make subjective observations which are impossible to quantify, at least as of yet, and to interpret  data, sometimes exquisitely collected,  by computers)


September 20, 2014

AS a former physician, I shivered a bit when I heard Dr. Vivek Wadhwa say he would rather have an artificial-intelligence doctor than a human one. “I would trust an A.I. over a doctor any day,” he proclaimed at a recent health innovation conference in San Francisco, noting that artificial intelligence provided “perfect knowledge.” When asked to vote, probably a third of those in attendance agreed.

But it made sense: Dr. Wadhwa is a professor, entrepreneur and technology visionary. What’s more, the conference took place in San Francisco, where faith in the power of technology and data to solve problems holds unshakable sway.


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