by John Bennett MD

Tonight at 9 PM wehad a Hangout with the team that make up this unique educational platform, which can be seen HERE

Medical Education is undergoing significant changes,  attempting to harness digital technology, including video tech.  This fact is  witnessed by UC at Irvine Medical School’s transition to an iPad-based curriculum. of Portland, Oregon takes an innovative approach to medical education that is darnright awesome: Patient Education.

In this innovative platform, a patient, with the necessary permissions, is video’ed, and interviewed in the clinic, about their health problem.  Medical education is more real, like seeing patients in person after reading about illnesses throughout pre-med and the first year of Med School.  And the adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words” may ring true, and gives the viewer a graphic real way of seeing a disease process, short of seeing the patient in a patient visit.  With some videos, there is an expert commentary video accompanies the patient video, to talk about the disease, and treatment.

In short, it is fantastic, innovative way of medical education, adapted to the benefits of digital video tech,  simulating a very real patient encounter, and you MUST see it to truly appreciate it.

See their WEBSITE




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