Dan Bacher MS, BS of Brown University f had a Hangout at our affiliate, BostonMedical.TV, which can be see HERE.   He is a Senior Research and Development Engineer at Brown University.  He is the head researcher of the “Speak Your Mind” foundation.


The SpeakYourMind Foundation, based in Providence, RI, is a nonprofit organization spun out of the BrainGate lab at Brown University and Massachusetts General Hospital. We create, distribute, and support assistive communication technologies for individuals who are unable to effectively communicate due to neurological injury and disease. Our teams of passionate student and professional volunteers work closely with our clients to build a solution that meets their needs from the ground up.

  • Reliable and easy to use eye and head tracking
  • Intelligent switch access
  • Adaptive motion-based input
  • Customizable communication apps

… all using adapted off the shelf hardware – this is what we do.





An easy to use motion tracker for hands free computer access

Utilizing off-the-shelf webcams and custom software, we are building a suite of motion capture solutions to enable individuals with limited mobility to use a computer. SYMtracker allows users to control a computer cursor via head movement, or trigger an adaptive switch using subtle movements such as raising an eyebrow or wiggling a finger.



An insanely efficient radial on-screen keyboard app

This completely novel virtual typing interface offers an alternative for people using adapted methods to interact with their computers. The innovative radial key layout and custom word prediction engine provides a more user-friendly and efficient interface – making communication easy as pi.



A super-ultra-low-cost eye gaze tracking system

An adapted webcam mounted on a pair of hipster glasses with some custom SYM software is all it takes to enable users to control their computer simply with their eye movements. SYMeyes is functional, easy-to-use, and is way, way, way cheaper than the commercial systems on the market today.


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