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by John Bennett MD

Micheal Docktor MD  did the next episode of the series of Hangouts for, on Sept 4th, 2014.  To identify, Mike, here’s from his LinkedIn Profile:

“Dr. Michael Docktor is a practicing gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital with a research and clinical interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He works to use technology and design thinking as a way to improve patient care and experience.

He serves as the Director of Clinical Mobile Solutions and has spearheaded efforts to bring technologies that can help clinicians work more productively and efficiently. Michael believes that well designed apps and mobile tools can have great impact on patients through improved education, engagement and ultimately, understanding.

Michael is passionate about technology and the startup ecosystem both within and outside of healthcare. He fervently believes in collaboration and leveraging the talent of experts outside of medicine to help solve some of our most pressing pain-points in healthcare. He co-founded and leads Hacking Pediatrics, a group whose mission is to bring together talented innovators from diverse areas of expertise such as medicine, technology and business to build solutions for children and their families through hackathons.

Michael has recently joined the Innovation Acceleration Program at Boston Children’s as the Clinical Director.”

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