August 21, 2014

Now, more than ever, hospitals are under pressure to improve patient outcomes and reduce re-admissions.

With billions of dollars on the line, patient engagement plays a key role to lowering costs.

Medical contact centers combined with mobile applications are positioned to revolutionize post surgical follow up.

A HIPAA compliant chat plug-in running securely within a hospital provided Smartphone or tablet app, enables patients or care givers to communicate directly with medical professionals 24/7. When integrated to the EHR system with right middleware system, mobile apps can accept secure push notifications to remind patients to take medications, prompt for changing of dressings and bandages and support live chat or voice conversations.

Since the interactions are fully encrypted and secure, patients can communicate freely without fear of personal medical information being transmitted in the clear over email or SMS.

Hospitals can provide better care and communication without the risk of huge HIPAA fines. Patients or authorized care givers can chat, send photos and push a button to talk directly with a nurse, physician or physician’s assistant.

The same technology can be extended to wellness programs funded by employers and managed by insurance companies. Mobile apps can be leveraged to schedule follow up appointments and even support way-finding with door to door directions for office and lab locations.

When using a HIPAA compliant mobile app, reminders can be very detailed and include important instructions such as fasting before a blood draw. This saves both time and money while providing for more accurate diagnostic tests for routine tests such as cholesterol or fasting plasma glucose.

Within the next 24 months there will be an explosion of mobile applications that engage patient populations. What is your organization doing to better to engage patients? Join the conversation by adding your comments below.


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