June 12, 2014

Vodafone’s Wireless Innovation Project Competition has announced the winners and the grand prize is going to the MobileOCT, a startup out of Tel Aviv, Israel that developed a kit that turns a smartphone into a colposcope for detecting cervical cancer. Diagnosing cervical cancer is relatively easy, as long as the right tools exist, and the disease also has a high treatment rate as long as it’s detected in time.

The system consists of a phone case, a 10x zoom lens that snaps onto the case, and a supporting base with a built-in light source. The firm also provides a cloud storage for the images taken with the device so that healthcare organizations can track screenings, go back and review, and do some statistical measurements.

More from the product page:

It is this tool which we are currently piloting in low-resource settings in six countries around the world, at the same time as we are testing our even more advanced (and patented) algorithms that can enable any digital camera to capture the data required for Polarization Difference Imaging & Spectral Imaging.

Here’s a quick video overview of the device:



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