Stroke diagnosis made through womans selfie video



August 7, 2014

When Stacey Yepes was asked what possessed her to turn to her iPhone and record a selfie video:

I just needed someone to be able to see what was happening. When I’m telling people this was happening they’re saying it’s just stress but I’m telling them I know this is not stress. It was a relief that someone would finally believe that it was not just stress“.

This remarkable story of a Patient who had her stroke symptoms dismissed highlights for me the ease with which important symptom information can be ignored or misinterpreted by clinicians and how important it is for healthcare providers to move on from the idea that documentation of symptoms is an exclusive entitlement we give to Healthcare Professionals and more of us start recognising the opportunity when we let Patients help with the documentation of their own history.

Curveball: Imagine if this Patient had a Samsung Galaxy that told her not to leave the hospital until given the all clear by a Consultant Neurologist?

HatTip: Dr Chris Bickford MD

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