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5-year-old with respiratory distress
Workup: >>
Presentation includes very loud stridor, extreme intercostal retractions, nose in sniffing position, eyes very wide; patient even attempted to crawl up his mom, looking like he was trying to swim above water to get air.
78-year-old with acute red eye
History >>
Medical – SP myocardial infarction x 2, CABG x 2, CVA, COPD/asthma, diabetes type 2, depression, S/P AAA repair
Social – Past smoker 40 pack years

In case you missed it

One of the all-time greats on ReelDx Education

14-year-old with sighing respirations
From the transcript >>
Doctor Lace: What do you mean “shortness of breath?”
Patient: I have trouble breathing sometimes.
Doctor Lace: Can you show me?

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