by John Bennett MD

We are big believers in Hangouts in Medicine.  They benefit the users, we feel, in three areas:

1) Communication

2) Education

3) Networking.

I have met some great people doing Hangouts, especially for the three weeks of Hangouts we did, as “Pre-Conference” Hangouts, for “The Future of Wearable Tech: 2014” conference in Indianaopolis last month (to see them, go to www.internetmedicine.com/watch).

Google is constantly improving the platform.  Now, you do not to have a G Plus account, or even a plugin.  You can just send a link to someone you want to have in the panel of the Hangout.  And you can copy and paste the code that each Hangout generates and put it on your webpage.  We will even help you with that.

Instant Video-conferencing.

You can learn a lot about Hangouts by watching videos on YouTube.  Pay special attention to those of Professor Marting Shervington, and Ronnie Bincer.  Ronnie is the “King” of Hangouts, and Martin has even said that.

Ronnie has a fantastic private community, which he charges $40/month, if you are really serious about learning, which I am.  Go to www.thehangouthelper.com.

So, if you have a niche in Medicine that you feel passionate about reaching your audience, let’s get you started.  We will set it up, and even host it for you.  If you like it, and it improves the healthcare landscape, we do it every week, on a regualr basis.

We benefit by getting the traffic to your weekly hangout, so it is a win-win situation.

Email me at desertedbeach@hotmail.com, and we will get you started.  If you don’t like it, no problem, no obligation.  We can spread the word of better healthcare, and both get traffic!

John Bennett MD

Owner and Creator


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