by John Bennett MD

July 13, 2014: 3 hrs before Argentina/Germany!

Ned Sahin had his Watch, Pre-Conferencer HERE, for the Watch Conference in Indianapolis, July 12, 2014, at,  as part of the Pre-Conference Series of Hangouts, for the WATCH Conference, July 25 and 26th,   Ned is the owner of Brainpower LLC ( a company developing Glassware solutions to treat Autism.

Here’s some stuff from Ned’s Linked In Profile:


“Research focus: neural pathways for language processing and the formation of transient brain networks for distributing and reassembling complex task information. Additionally, the neuroscience of autism and epilepsy.

Company mission: Enhancing wearable computers such as Google Glass to provide neuro-assistive tools and cognitive prostheses for those in need, as well as cognitive enhancement and brain-computer interface tools for the general consumer.
We are hiring.


Founder and CEO

Brain Power, LLC

Cambridge, MAWe unlock the power of the brain, with neuroscience-based software and hardware that transforms current wearable computers into neuro-assistive and educational devices.

Our focus is Autism, and we are developing apps and hardware add-ons for Google Glass that assist children and their families manage the challenges of ASD.

We are hiring:

Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience

Institute for Neural Computation (Salk & UC San Diego)

Greater San Diego AreaSupervisors:
– Eric Halgren, PhD
– Terry Sejnowski, PhD


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