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John Scott, Google App developer, and Dave Martineau MD, Hand Surgeon, teamed up in A Hangout at 9 pm EST  yesterday July 10th; see it HERE

This  Hangout will, to discuss Johns’ app, “Context Aware”, a virtual Google Glass Surgical Dashboard:

Herein follows a complete description from John’s exciting Google Glass App

“….In critical care environments, Doctors and first responders can focus on stabilizing their patient’s condition while relevant information is pushed to the Google Glass wearable device.

The Google Glass “Surgical Dashboard” can be customized to suite your needs. Patient data and surgical procedures can be pushed to Google Glass, hands-free.

Obtain critical information such as patient vital signs, pertinent drug dosage, test results, and intra-operative imaging such as x-ray or ultrasound via direct medical equipment interfaces.

Retrieve patient record & case history data from the EMR, securely, when requested or have them pushed to Google Glass at the right time and the right place via ContextSurgery’s unique context-aware platform.”


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