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April 7, 2014

Even in our wildest dreams we have not imagined that we could charge our smartphones to 100% for under a minute. Yet, thanks to nanotechnology, this might become reality very, very soon. StoreDot, an Israeli company, demonstrated a new battery charger at Microsoft’s Think Next event. In a video demo, it charges a Samsung Galaxy S III’s battery from 27% to 100% in exactly 29 seconds!StoreDot’s charger makes use of the so-called Nanodots – these are bio-organic nanocrystals with superior energy storage capabilities. Speedy battery charging is just one amount the multiple uses of the Nanodots, as the unique characteristics of the biological semiconductors make them perfect for flexible displays, data storage, and imaging sensors.

The existing prototypes are the size of a regular laptop charger, but it is stated that the company is working on decreasing the overall size of the nifty accessory. However, StoreDot is not ready to release a Nanodot charger yet, and the gizmo is planned to go into mass-production in late 2016.

Without further ado, you can watch StoreDot’s demonstration video below.


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