by John Bennett MD

We had a Hangout with Jesus Perez-Llano of the Spanish company TedCas,, based in Madrid.  The patent-pending plug-and-play system enables control of any kind of computer, without installing anything new, by gesture and voice instead by mouse and keyboard. It is compatible with most of the touch-less sensors in the market such as Kinect, LEAP motion, and MYO.

Currently, it seems to have the widest applications for Surgeons in the operating room, where a surgeon can change radiographs from the OR table, or move studies, by simple hand motions.

But seems like it will find wider use, especially if hand motions can be  part of the interface to do other computer tasks, especially clicking on links.  It then may find other niches in medicine for use, if it means not having to punch in keys on a keyboard.


Imagine the ease of use!  Seems like navigating the web will get even better!


Here is the Hangout with Jesus where he more completely explains the TedCas tech and its place in medicine; (IN SPANISH)

HEY, Let’s Play with this Tech!




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