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Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical treatment performed by qualified laparoscopic surgeons. It is a specialized technique for performing keyhole surgery. Laparoscopic Surgery was first started by Vonn Ott and in the past, this minimal access technique was commonly used for gynecologic surgery by gynecologists as well as for gallbladder surgery by general surgeons. Over the last 10 years the use of this method has expanded into advanced intestinal general surgery. In traditional general surgery the general surgeon uses a single big incision to enter into the abdomen. Laparoscopic surgery uses several very small size incisions.

Specialized laparoscopic instruments and a special high definition endoscopic camera known as a laparoscope are passed in the abdomen through the trocars during the laparoscopic surgical procedure. In most of the advanced laparoscopy hospital like World Laparoscopy Hospital, HD 3D technology is used to perform laparoscopic surgery. At the outset of the minimally invasive process, the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas to provide a useful inflated working and viewing space for that laparoscopic surgeon. The laparoscope transmits high definition images from the abdominal cavity to high-resolution HD video monitors within the operating room. Throughout the operation the laparoscopic surgeon watches detailed operative pictures of the abdomen around the monitor. This minimally invasive technique permits the laparoscopic surgeon to perform the same operations as traditional open surgery however with smaller incisions.

Occasionally in a few instances a laparoscopic surgeon might want to use a special type of port that’s big enough to insert a hand and so it is called “hand assisted” laparoscopy. The incision necessary for the hand port is greater compared to other laparoscopic incisions, normally it is around 5.5 CM, but is usually small compared to the incision required for traditional open surgery. A common question comes in our mind that what are the benefits of laparoscopic surgery? When compared with traditional open surgery, patients who undergo laparoscopic surgeon often experience very less pain, a shorter recovery time, and fewer scarring with laparoscopic surgery, compared to open surgery. Another very common question is what types of operations can be performed using laparoscopic surgery? Due to the recent improvement is skill of the surgeon and better skill of the surgeon due to good laparoscopic training institutes now almost all intestinal surgeries can be performed while using laparoscopic technique.

World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon, India is among one of the most popular institute in the world which is dedicated to provide training to laparoscopic surgeon and gynecologist who wants to become expert in laparoscopic and da Vinci robotic surgery.  Previously there had been concern raised concerning the safety of laparoscopic surgery for ­cancer operations. But now due to advanced training institutes of laparoscopic surgery almost all the advanced cancer surgery can be performed by laparoscopic technique. Recently several studies involving countless patients have shown that laparoscopic surgical treatment is safe for certain colorectal cancers.


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