Makes its debut at the “Future of Wearable Tech 2014 Conference” Pre-Conference period,  associated with the Conference at Indianapolis, grab a coffee, and let’s get  a little background:Born in Saida, Algeria from the peabrains of John and Mohammed, we have dedicated the booming town of Chlef, Algeria as the birthplace, where doctors and glass medical app developers spend minutes trudging across their studio floors, to climb onto their desktops, to collaborate on the next Medical App for Google Glass!There is no other area of medical devices, that screams for innovation and creation of applications in medicine than Google Glass.  Some medical niches find it more useful than other, but the niches will widen and new ones will be created by the collaboration in the rooms whose birthplace is Mohammed’s home of Saida, Algeria.BAK SALAMIN, and keep the change!We are going to launch the US version of the Glass Med App Hackathon at the “Future of  Wearable Tech 2014”, in the Pre-conference phase, on July 5th, when Mohammed will host
the Glass Med App Hacathon Hangout at 3 pm, until ??

when doctors and web app makers can meet from the secrecy of their dark rooms, and plot the next great Google Glass Medical Application.

Go to

Saturday at 3 pm EST to tweet your request to be brought into the Hangout!!

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