Tuesday, May 13, 2014

“We hope to better patient outcomes,” said Suman Mulumudi, 15, inventor of the Steth IO, a smartphone stethoscope about his work to create medical devices with his company StratoScientific. Suman’s parents are doctors at The Everett Clinic, cardiologist Dr. Mahesh Mulumudi and internist Dr. Srilatha Shoroff.

Suman recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in a segment on young inventors and was featured in an Everett Herald article, “Snohomish teen an innovator and a budding entrepreneur”.

See Hangout with Suman by Ace Cub reporter for, Arianna Golden, below

Suman, 15, turned a smartphone into a stethoscope to help cardiac patients. He’s the inventor of the StethIO and CEO of StratoScientific.

Inspired by his father’s work, Suman invented two medical devices the Steth IO, an add-on device that can turn a smartphone into a stethoscope, and the LesionSizer, a device that measures lesion length, and he started his own company StratoScientific.

Suman was featured on the MakerBot Stories blog “Teen Turns Smartphone Into Stethoscope” and in a technology story on KING5 News.

Via KING5: “There are now new goals in the Mulumudi household. Both the Steth IO and LesionSizer are patent pending, so now Suman has begun the process of seeking both FDA approval and venture capital funding. Meanwhile, both he and his father want to make sure that chasing entrepreneurial success doesn’t keep Suman from enjoying his teenage years.

‘He’s a pretty driven person,’ Dr. Mulumudi said. ‘But at the same time, it’s a fine balance to keep him motivated to do these kinds of things (teenage activities). We want him to finish his schooling, obviously, so that’s one of the problems we have. He’s a good boy but we need to make sure he stays on the right track.’

Suman sees StratoScientific as part of the typical teenage desire to explore and experiment – to figure out his place in society and the world.

‘In some ways I feel like I’m still being a teenager, even in doing this,’ he said. “I’m still doing what every teenager does. It’s just manifested in a different way.’”


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